With the advancement in technology, younger generations have taken up the initiative of bringing up new companies with a wide variety of ideas and techniques which are helpful in various domains. Gone are the days when students wait for their final years to complete and then look for being placed in various successful companies or industries. Now it’s the era of innovations. Youngsters before leaving college itself are earning a handsome amount of money through their innovative ideas, thanks to those companies who provide them the opportunities to grow. Startups have accelerated the job market too. The small companies that are set up now help with grooming the newcomers, in a way helping to curb unemployment.

The companies formed are particularly focusing on the IT market and they develop strategies to reach out to the common man who can make use of those facilities. The Mobile App development field is one among the emerging fields which are helping people to get everything, loans, household items and various essentials, just at a click of a button. Past years have seen the development of grocery shopping online, booking tickets and much more which show how popular they are.

Startups, in a way, fill the gap between what is available in the market and what the customer is actually looking for! Those innovative concepts to curb the gap and the solutions that they come up with involve a good deal of risks too. Anything new in the market is risky till the consumers are ready to accept it. Startups are risky, as it can become a failure too. But the youngsters take up new initiatives and strive to grow with the ups and downs in their journey to win over the world. All of them want to be a CEO but only a creative innovator can be one. Though it is a new concept, there’s already a huge amount of competition among the startups itself.

In Kerala, many small startups have evolved in the last couple of years and many are making are already leaping into the big stream. The government has introduced helpful policies to promote the newly set up companies. They are providing them with the essential capital in a way accelerating student entrepreneurship. The Government has set up the Kerala Startup Mission to enhance the growth of new technologies that help to curb unemployment. These schemes cover schools, colleges and young individuals who come up with innovative and useful concepts that can make a difference to the economy or the society.

Startups in Kerala are helping students from various fields to conceive and materialize their innovative ideas. They let the students interact and learn which helps them to think freely which help them innovate. The Government firms help them incubate the ideas and provide the capital fund to materialize these ideas, helping them mold their ideas transforming them into a successful project. Startups not only cover the IT industry but a wide variety of domains like agriculture, food, tourism etc. Startups have revolutionized the way students think now. They are more focused now on their education and experiments. As they start very young, they are not much bothered about the downfalls and let their ideas change the world.

Startup Village, an initiative by the Kerala government is helping the young entrepreneurs to grow. They provide the startups with enough resources and even fully equipped office spaces to evolve better projects. They are providing student fellowships and even set up markets for highlighting the new works. The booming ventures in this technology driven era are helping to diminish the distance between the end user and the manufacturer, in a way the innovations are reaching the common man much faster now.

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