Interview Dress Code

Mind what you wear and how you wear them for Job Interview

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   While men do not have much choice as women have in dressing up, dressing right for an interview matters more to them. Women may be able to carry away looking chic in a casual kurthi and leggings also provided their makeup and accessories are formal. For men, the only thing to impress is their dress and hair-do. Men have only two things to choose from whether or not to wear a suit! Rest goes without saying that they have to wear a shirt and trousers neatly ironed and inserted with a formal belt and shoes.

Formal Dress code for men:

  • Men can wear plain shirts in light colors and a tie. A shirt in white or pastel colours will be good for interviews. Plain trousers in a formal shade which go well with the shirt chosen. The trouser can be black, beige, gray or navy blue depending on the shirt you choose. Going monochrome is ok, but white and white or black and black will look very odd!
  • For interviews, men can choose plain, vertical stripes or checkered shirts that are light in colour. Use full sleeve shirts for interviews.
  • Choose a tie which is simple and conservative. Do not go for a loud colored tie and make sure it matches the shirt and the suit you wear.
  • Tuck in the shirt. It gives a formal look and polish the shoes, making it bright and shiny.
  • If you are wearing a suit or blazer, make sure it fits you perfectly.
  • The basic idea is to look neat, so wear a well-ironed dress and hair should be neatly combed.
  • Avoid jeans, t-shirt and other casual attires.
  • Make sure you have trimmed your hair if it is longer than your collar line.
  • Mustache and beard, if any, should be neat and trimmed. A stubble may be stylish but it can be a turn-off for job interviews.
  • Make sure you have trimmed your nails well. While it goes without saying for the women, some men are a little ignorant about these. If you have a habit of biting your nails, it is high time to stop it as your hands will give away such habits.
  • Carry only one folder with you which will contain copies of your resume, academic and professional certificates.
  • No chewing gums or smoking once you are in the interview premises.
  • You can use a deodorant, but make sure it does not smell strong.
  • Wear formal shoes in black or brown shades.
  • Switch off your mobile and keep your wallet, vehicle key, cooling glass etc. inside your folder.
  • Men can afford a little makeup too, especially if they have a very oily skin. Get a compact that suits your skin tone and apply it lightly to look fresh. Make sure you do not overdo it.
  • Face piercing can be a big turn-off for men. Avoid them, if you already have it, do not highlight it by wearing a piercing jewelry.
  • Men must avoid wearing jewellery to the interview. The maximum they can wear is a simple neck chain which should be tucked inside the shirt and a plain finger band. Anything more will look a little flashy.
  • Tattoos also tend to raise a few brows as well as questions from the interview panel. So if you have already done a visible tattoo, be ready with an explanation for the same!