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How to tackle your first job interview?

Are you attending for your first job interview? We can help you prepare well for that. Getting through is not as important as performing well. Everyone makes mistakes in their first few interviews. What is more important is that you learn and improve from your mistakes! If you have gone through our Interview Tips section you will get a basic idea of preparing for a job interview the right way.

Know about your employer

With the internet on your fingertips, you can gather as much information online about the employer, the recent developments in the company and also about how successful they are in the industry or region. This will make you more confident as you know what you are leaping into. If you know anyone working in the organization, you can gather some information regarding the work culture and the like. Also, ask them if you can give their reference to the employers. If he agrees, you can mention the same during your interview. But do not consider it as a way of easy entry since some employers are strictly against referrals

Academic projects and Part-time experiences

Since it is your first job interview, there will not be much to talk about your experiences. So be prepared to talk about your academics and any special activities relevant to the job you have applied for. For example, if you have applied for a sales man’s job and you have worked with a small retailer as a part-time salesman, you can mention the same and project it as your experience. If you have no experience at all, it is fine too. Everyone has to start somewhere and ask your prospective employer to give you an opportunity for gaining experience. Projecting your soft skills and technical expertise is worth if they are asked for.

Do not insist on your desired pay

Being a fresher, it will be better not to insist on your desired pay unless what is offered is way too less than the industry standards. Even then, nothing can replace the experience you can gain with your first employer and that can make up for the lost pay. If you are confident that you can easily match a newly joined employee in a similar post in the organization, you can go for a bargain.

Confidence matters

Be confident about your skills and capability. A fresher’s mind is full of new ideas and many organizations specifically pitch for the same. It is important to have a fresher in the team to bring in a new perspective to many concepts. The experienced minds are trained to think in a particular way and thinking out-of-the-box comes naturally to the fresher. So project that as your strength.

Stay calm and composed at the Interview Venue

It is quite natural to be excited and maybe a little tensed also about your first interview. But stay calm and composed at the venue as the employers may be watching you without you knowing. If you have to wait, read the paper of a magazine and make sure you keep it back neatly once you are finished. Talk politely to the support staff at the desk. Get fresh and drink some water to cool down. Take deep breaths to calm your mind. Overall what matters is how well you perform in the interview. Be yourself but stay composed. Take turns and face everyone when you answer the questions. Keep an eye-contact with the person you are talking to and do not ignore the others. If you are not comfortable with the tone of the questions, you can let the interviewers know that politely. Once the interview is finished, thank everyone and leave politely. Make sure you collect all your things like your mobile, file, pen etc. when you leave. All the best for your first job interview!